Harmony Engine VST

Harmony Engine VST 1.0.0

Harmony Engine creates realistic sounding, professional vocal harmonies
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Realistic sounding, professional vocal harmonies can easily be created with the Harmony Engine software. The program works in real time through a harmony generating plug-in. This creates professional sounding vocal arrangements. There are also four different and independent of one another harmony voices, various harmony generating modes, natural sounding performances and a preset system.

The Harmony Engine is easy enough for beginners to use, but it also has many advanced features that experienced users will be able to enjoy. The interface enables the user to try out the different features and experiment with different kinds of alternative harmonies. The program is suitable for vocal arrangers, songwriters needing backup or even composers.

The software has many great and useful features that enable you to generate the vocal harmonies needed. There, for example, four high quality voices each with its own character, vibrato and pan settings. There is also the Throat Modeling technology that allows the user to process the voices for the harmony through a physical vocal tract model.

The user can also set the harmony voice intervals as they want and define the chord degrees and chord names. This includes inversions and varied vocal ranges. The Harmony Engine program also lets you define the harmony in real time by means of a MIDI controller.

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